Our Story

Fresh Eucalyptus Farm


Eucalyptus Blooms was founded 3 years ago when our founder, Matt, decided to share his eucalyptus experience with the world. 

Matt always struggled with allergies and get a cold/flu every time the seasons changed. In looking for natural remedies for both, he stumbled upon fresh eucalyptus.

He was amazed by how much his sinuses and congestion cleared with a simple bouquet of eucalyptus. Then he tried it out in a steamy shower, and the results were even better. From that point forward, there was always fresh eucalyptus in his home and over the shower head. The only problem was that it was pricey at florists, and he found that he needed at least 8 stems in a vase or shower to be effective.

And so began the journey to 1) find a fresh eucalyptus option that was affordable, and 2) introduce the wonders of eucalyptus to others. He discovered an amazing opportunity to grow eucalyptus trees just miles down the road. So the eucalyptus he brought to friends and family was as fresh as it could possibly be, at a fraction of the cost.

Fast forward to Eucalyptus Blooms, where fresh vase and shower eucalyptus can be delivered fresh to your door and without the hefty prices.

Today you can order not only fresh eucalyptus, but many bath and shower options that include not only eucalyptus, but also dried lavender and essential oils that rejuvenate the system. We added our love of plants, and grew the company to offering houseplants, soaps, gift boxes, plant pots, and many more products.

Thank you for stopping by our store and hope that you find what you’re looking for and love the effects our products can have on your health and wellbeing.